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The University is one of the earliest universities founded in modern China. It dates back to the Ziqiang (self-reliance) Institute, which was founded in 1893 by Zhang Zhidong, governor of Hubei and Hunan Provinces. Located in Wuhan, a city of some 9 million people by the Yangtze River in central China, the university is surrounded by the scenic East Lake and embraced by the Luojia Hill. Thus the WHU campus has been called “the most beautiful university in China” with an exceptional and picturesque setting. In addition, WHU has invested heavily in many other modern buildings including the new Economics and Management School.Wuhan has five first-level subject disciplines that have been judged by the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE) as having the rank of national key disciplines. The university also has 32 post-doctoral workstations. In addition, the university has 3 triple AAA national standard affiliated hospitals in the Wuhan area.

Programme Intro

Tuition:RMB87,000 -100,000 Total Immersion:Weekend class & English experiment class Scholarship:N
Size of Enrollment:450 students Course Language:English International Accrediation:English

Starting in 1993, the MBA program of Wuhan University has been one of those MBA programs with great influence and brand value. With the value of “integrity, preciseness, innovation and excellence”, oriented at specialty, capability, quality, career and market. Our MBA program has cultivated numerous talents and professionals in business administration. We are committed to providing top-quality business education designed for the students to achieve knowledge accumulation and capability enhancement, global horizon and innovation, commercial ability and social responsibilities, leadership charisma and corporate citizenship awareness.

Our MBA program offers full-time and part-time program. We have enrolled 4398 students for over ten years, cultivating a large group of senior talents in business administration with global horizon, systematic management ideology, innovative entrepreneurial spirits and excellent executive ability.

Wuhan weekend class for 3 years, 87,000 RMB

Wuhan English experiment class for 3 years, 100,000 RMB

Admission Requirements

Educational Background

· For the MBA programma, the minimum academic entry requirement is a Diploma degree, and the majority of the candidates hold a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and above (PhD).

Work Experience

· All the students admitted into our MBA programmes must at least three years work experience.

· If the MBA programmes accept as a candidate a non-university qualification, such as diploma or a, professional certificate, then, the supplemental condition is that he/she must have more than five years’ work experience.



Initiative and Motivation

Application Deadline


Application Calendar


Application Deadline


Decision Release


October, 2012 

October, 2012 


Required Materials

Transcript: Standard master mark sheets for the first education during higher education stage and the highest education and academic degree (applicants upgraded from junior college student to university students should provide 2 copies of transcripts, one for junior college and one for university, the latter of which must include complete academic results). Transcripts must be issued by educational administration department or archives of the graduation school, or by the department where the applicant’s personnel records are kept and meanwhile attached with the official seal of the department;


Letters of Reference: Two recommendation letters which must be written by experts in person (at least one of the experts should be at middle level or above of the company) and sealed with signature affixed.


Admission Fee:

Other: One recent business card of the applicant;


Interviews are compulsory for all applicants who reach the last selection round. They normally contain two parts: an interview on English and an interview on comprehensive ability. Most of the interviewers are EMS’ existing MBA teachers, but for the interview on comprehensive ability, there must have 2 external examiners from business organisations in senior managerial positions.
While the pre-examinations (“Hongyi” project) which consists of interviews with the qualified students (with minimum scores) both for the comprehensive ability & management theories (CAMT) and English, and managerial aptitude test (MAT); the top 300 students with the higher marks will be given a conditional offer of an MBA position; The score formula is as follows:
Pre-exam score=Background evaluation×20%+MAT×10%+English interview×20%+CAMT×50%


Q & A

Q: Can a graduate without a degree apply?

A: Yes, you can take national exam in January to apply for MBA.

If I can’t graduate until one month later, can I apply?

A: No.


Q: Frequently situation which doesn’t meet the conditions to apply?

A1Diploma fake.  A unified national education system has a diploma fast query system, we will re-exam strictly in review. Qualification of any part unqualified candidates will not be recruited, the responsibility owes to candidates themselves.
Years of graduation is not enough.
Not observing the provisions in the online application, or completing the required information at the scene or by mail,or applying online does not match the original data and on-site review, whether the applicant intentionally or unintentionally, are not accepted as a candidate.
There are records of bad behavior.
The examination of fraud


Q: Does it need for full results to show the original summary statement from the first stage of higher education qualifications to the highest degree?

A: Only of the submission of materials copies need to submit with transcripts and official seal affixed the file department.


Q: If the attached organization chart and the unit structure inconsistent candidates, how to do?

A: In accordance with the real structure of candidates submitted.


Q: Does the "Students career planning" must be completed in accordance with the attached form?

A: The attached forms need to fill it out, moreover the candidates need to describe next decade career planning in text way.


Q: To which experts need to write the two experts recommendation letters?

A: At least one is above the middle level leadership of the unit, another can be a university teacher,or the unit above the middle level leadership of another,or with the industry elite and the authority,following the principles that the experts are well known of the quality of the candidates.
We will ask the authenticity of letters of recommendation.


Re-examination and Admission

Q: when the results of the admission will be announced?

AGenerally, not until the end of April or the beginning of May, the results of to-be-admitted list will be released on Wuhan University’s MBA Education Center website. Last admission list shall be checked by Graduate School of Wuhan University, reported to the Ministry of Education and other departments for the record , and then the admission will be dispensed on June.


Q: What procedures do the re-examination have?

AThe procedure every year is not all the same. In 2011, procedure of the re-examination of project "QiuShi" are presented here (as followed): Qualification - Payment - Medical - re-examination (political, English and vocational ability test and Specialty-on interview) - Admission; And "Hony" project for the early interview process is: qualification - on-site confirmation - Payment - re-examination (political, English language and vocational ability test and Specialty-on interview) - Ranking - the certification.


Q: Is the re-examination of Wuhan University’s MBA equal or the difference ?

ADifference re-examination, which has an elimination rate of 10% or more.



Q: How much is the tuition fees of Wuhan University’s MBA?

AAnnual tuition fees may be adjusted for various factors. According to the standard audited by price sector and announced by financial sector of the school eventually.


Teaching Process

Q: What requirements on MBA students’ scores are there?

AThe students’s absences for each course up to 1 / 3 must retake the course; Compulsory subject required more than 75 ,whichi is qualified; Qualification to study for a degree will be canceled who do not pass the first test up to 3 courses.


Q: When and how to choose the teacher?

AThere is a mutual choice after admission. Each teacher can guide up to 6 students.
You are required to complete " Graduates Transfer major and Change Teacher’s Application Form of Wuhan University" if you want to change your teacher once your teach is established.


Q: How to handle the relevant procedures when unable to take the exam?

AThe person who can not take the exam must explain and submit a written application for delaying examination, which should be recorded by MBA education center after responsable dean’s signed consent. Students who need a makeup examination also should submit a written application ,after MBA Center arrange classes and test place according to students ‘s applications ,then can carry out examinations. Examination results conducted without authorization is invalid.


Q: What is required to replies of MBA students?

A1All applicants must get 52 credits (including 8 elective credits) prescribed by training program within the prescribed period of study,to reach the basic requirement prescribed by training program, and tuition settle.
Complete dissertation writing, apply for and obtain teacher’s approval.


Q: when is reply time generally?

AIn the first half between May 20 to May 30.  In the second half between November 20 to November 30.


Q: Are the requirements of MBA teaching point outside Wuhan University the same with inside?

AYes, Wuhan University’s MBA Education Center adopts a unified teaching plans and arrange the same teachers, implement a unified teaching management program. To standardize the teaching management of teching points, we give defined provisions about the class nature of the location of points, fees, credits, performance management, time allocation, the curriculum which are cared by our students. Welcome students supervising us.


Q: how to reflect if the MBA students of Wuhan University have views on teaching service and teaching?

AWe highly value your feedback, consider that all comments and suggestions are beneficial to improve, you have the following channels to contact us:
Have face to face communication with the person in charge of teaching point.
Reflect through the interim investigation;
Reflect with your real name by mail mba@whu.edu.cn or telephone 02768754991.


Q: What will be adjusted about Wuhan University’s MBA admissions policy?

AWuhan University’s MBA admissions policies is according to latest policy announced by the Ministry of Education and Wuhan University of the year, according to the latest policy if inconsistent with the current interpretation.

Students Service Center

Email: mba@mbachina.com

Tel: 400-600-9288

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