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The School of Business at RUC is an important education base for China’s business administration. It is among the earliest business schools to start a MBA education. Presently, RBS has seven departments: corporate management, organization & human resource, management science & project, trade economics, marketing, accounting and finance. It also includes the Industry Economics and Management Science Research Institute, the Medium and Small Enterprise Development Research Center, the Marketing and Investigation Center, the Chinese Marketing Research Center, the Finance Theory Research Institute, the Accounting and Finance Management Research Institute, the Henry Mintzberg Research Center and the Chinese & Korean Enterprise Operation Research Institute, etc.

Programme Intro

Tuition:RMB 148,000 Total Immersion:Full-time/Part-time Scholarship:Y
Size of Enrollment:370 Course Language:English International Accrediation:English

Spiritual reconstruction - to remould business spirit of MBA students

Spiritual reconstruction is arranged at the beginning of the first semester through intensive and systematic learning about soft skills, including business ethics, managerial communication, career design and leadership. In addition, spiritual reconstruction will also teach MBA students specific measures about how to effectively lead an organization and prepare them as professional managers.


Action learning - to combine theoretical knowledge with practice
Our program especially emphasizes practical ability and professional capability. It adopts situational teaching, simulation class, case study, software simulation and many other ways of experience learning to combines theoretical learning with practice. Through action learning under the instruction of professors, students can get recognition of practice and find solutions for solving practical problems. In this section, they can improve the abilities of communication, cooperation, decision-making and action.


Internationalization - to train students with an international vision
We dedicate to provide an international study environment. We pay attention to international problems study in the entire learning process and encourage students to improve the abilities of creation, cross-cultural coordination and organization. At present, RBS has established long-term cooperation with many foreign business schools, and can provide MBA students with exchange study opportunities and overseas internships to help them better understand enterprise operation in different cultures. Many joint international programs similar as ExMP collaborated between RBS and Torino Wireless Foundation of Italy are carried out.

Admission Requirements

Educational Background

·A Bachelor’s degree;

Work Experience

·Preferably a full-time work experience of two years or longer;




Full time MBA (F-MBA)


International MBA (IMBA)


Part time MBA (P-MBA)



English proficiency;

Application Deadline


Application Calendar


Application Opening


Admission Assessment


Decision Notification
















Required Materials



Letters of Reference:


Admission Fee:



For international students, we have three rounds of assessing applications.


Renmin University of China offers a generous range of scholarships for all MBA students. Our scholarships are awarded on merit. Approximately 15% of our MBA students are supported by a scholarship.

Q & A

Q: What kind of programs does the Business School have? How many years will it take?
A: RUC’s Business School offers three different MBA programs: full-time, part-time and the International-MBA program. The full-time and part-time programs are taught in Chinese while the IMBA program is taught in English. All three are two year programs.

Q: What are the requirements for applying to the MBA programs?
A:For international students, all three programs require: a Bachelor’s degree; preferably full-time work experience of two years or longer; an acceptable GMAT score - taken no earlier than September 1st 2006; english proficiency;

Q:  How many students are usually enrolled in the MBA programs as a whole?
A: The Business School usually accepts around 350 students a year into its 3 programs.

Q:  How often are the classes?
A: There are around seven to ten courses a semester. Classes are usually on Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 am to 11:00 am and from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Q:  How long will it take to process my application, and when will I receive a response?
A: We will contact you after receiving all application materials but a final decision on your admission will be made around two months after submission.

Q:  Can I apply to begin in the spring term?
A: No, we currently do not offer that option. Applicants can only apply to begin during the fall.

Q:  What kinds of financial aid are available?
A: We offer four kinds of scholarships each year for incoming students. For more information, contact us directly by email or phone:
+8610 6251 6356

Q:  Can I visit a class?
A:Yes, if you are interested in visiting a class, please contact us by email or phone:
+8610 6251 6356

Q: Does RBS offer any dual degree programs?
A: No, we currently don’t have any but maybe in a year or two we will set up a new dual degree program. Keep checking back for updates.

Q: Are there opportunities for studying abroad?
A: Yes, we offer opportunities in over 30 schools around the world. Please visit the link for more information:

Q:  Can I apply to multiple programs for the same academic year?
A: No, we do not allow that.

Q:  Can I apply prior to completing my undergraduate degree?
A: Yes, as long as you meet the requirements.

Q:  Can I transfer credits from another institution?
A: As long as the courses are similar to the ones we offer at RBS, then the credit will be accepted.

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Tel: 400-600-9288

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