China Europe International Business School (CEIBS; simplified Chinese: 中欧国际工商学院; traditional Chinese: 中歐國際工商學院) is the leading China-based business school, with all three programs ranked in the global Top 30 by the Financial Times. The school’s main objective is to contribute to the economic development of China by offering its students a thorough understanding of the latest international management knowledge and practices coupled with clear China expertise.

Programme Intro

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China Depth, Global Breath

In slightly more than a decade, CEIBS has grown from a new creation to a world-class business school, with outstanding international and local recognition for its programmes. The full-time MBA lasts 18 months, including a practicum project and an international exchange programme. All MBA courses are taught exclusively in English. All students are expected to be comfortable with both written and oral communication in English. As of May 2009, the School has graduated over 8,000 MBA and EMBA graduates and provided management training for over 80,000 executives.

Diversified Students Body

CEIBS boasts of its top quality students in Asian Pacific Region. It also has the most diversified student body (44.9% overseas students in 2011 intake) among mainland China's business schools, which created a unique multi-cultural learning environment.

Cross-Functional Curriculum integration

The most challenging business problems cut across functional lines of responsibility. To solve them, managers must be competent in cross-disciplinary analysis, solution generation and communication. The new CEIBS curriculum includes several applied integration modules that require students to innovatively and systematically solve practical business problems using knowledge and skills they’ve acquired in earlier business courses. The modules are spread throughout the MBA curriculum to reinforce and build upon each stage of learning.

China Focus

One of CEIBS’ most significant features is its clear China focus, encapsulated in our positioning statement: "China Depth, Global Breadth.' CEIBS teaches the most advanced international business theories while attaching great importance to the practical application of these skills in China. 

Flexibility and Choice

CEIBS' current MBA curriculum gives you the flexibility to personally tailor the second year of your studies. In the autumn of Year Two, you can choose to go on international exchange or stay in Shanghai to study with CEIBS professors. You also have the option to complete the degree in 18 months or lengthen it to 20 months in order to pack in more study options. 

Teaching Methods

Although teaching methods vary by subject, lectures and case studies come alive thanks to our professors' extensive experience in the business world. Many cases are selected from top schools such as Harvard Business School; others are taken from CEIBS’ own pool of China-specific cases written by faculty and staff of the Case Development Centre. In addition to mainstream textbooks, teaching materials are drawn from a variety of current sources such as academic journals, magazines, and videos. Some courses are delivered in interactive formats including simulations, guest speeches, and seminars.

Language Courses

In the first academic year, CEIBS MBA students can choose from among a list of non-credit language courses (Chinese, French, Spanish)  offered free of charge. International students are required to learn Chinese and are encouraged to take the Chinese Proficiency Test (also known as HSK) to facilitate their MBA study and future career in China. It is impractical to start a professional career in China without adequate Chinese language skills.

Top-tier global rankings

CEIBS is the only Asian business school to have achieved global ranking for its MBA, EMBA and Executive Education programmes. Despite its young age of just 17 years, the CEIBS MBA Programme has ranked within the Top 25 by the Financial Times' annual global business school survey for 8 consecutive years (2005-2012)). For specific details, see below.

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Q & A

Q: Is CEIBS' MBA a full-time programme? How long is it?
A: CEIBS' MBA programme is a full-time English programme. The duration is 18 months, including a practicum project and an international exchange programme.

Q: In which language is the CEIBS' MBA programme taught?
A: All MBA courses are taught exclusively in English. All students are expected to be comfortable with both written and oral communication in English.

Q: What other graduate programme(s) does CEIBS offer?
A: Besides MBA, CEIBS also offers a Finance MBA (Chinese language), a part-time Executive MBA (EMBA) programme (in English or Chinese), and Executive Education courses.

Q: What are the international features of CEIBS' MBA programme?
A: CEIBS faculty are recruited from among the best in the world, our international student body hail from around the globe, many of our staff members are international, and all seek to build a truly international learning environment. Our curriculum is fully international in its design and we have an exchange programme with over 40 of the world's leading business schools. While we send students to go to top business schools overseas, we also receive the same number of  exchange students from our partner schools.
In addition, CEIBS also frequently hosts international dignitaries, global business leaders, renowned speakers visiting the school throughout the year. Recent visitors include former EU Commission President and Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi. At CEIBS, you will have numerous opportunities to experience the unique and distinctive international culture that is representative of the growing interaction between Eastern and Western culture in China.

Q: How is the CEIBS' MBA curriculum designed?
A: CEIBS MBA programme is designed to meet international standards and is solidly on par with the world's leading business schools in terms of: curriculum structure, programme rigor, faculty selection, and quality of its facilities. For more information about the MBA programme design, as well as a list of course offerings, please visit the Programme Structure and other sub-links under the "Curriculum" folder.

Q: Who teaches the CEIBS MBA programme?
A: The CEIBS MBA programme is taught by the school's permanent faculty as well as by visiting faculty drawn from top business schools worldwide. In keeping with CEIBS' positioning -- China Depth, Global Breadth -- our faculty boast rich teaching experience around the world, as well as deep China expertise. The increase of permanent faculty members (50% to date by teaching load) also guarantees the consistency of high teaching quality. More details can be found at CEIBS Faculty.

Q: Will I have an opportunity to study abroad?
A: CEIBS has established bilateral exchange programmes with over 40 top business schools worldwide. Each year, roughly 50% of CEIBS MBA students go to these schools on exchange. Every year, CEIBS provides limited financial assistance to qualified students going to EU countries on exchange. For more detailed information, please check the International Exchange Programme.

Q: What resources help students find jobs after graduation? What services are provided?
A: CEIBS operates a professional Career Development Centre (CDC) to assist CEIBS' MBA students to effectively manage their careers. From the beginning of the programme, it provides a broad range of services related to students' career development, such as career counselling, workshops and mock interviews, Internships and Practicum, organising industry briefing, on-campus company presentations, and job fairs.
Being the best business school in China, CEIBS is widely recognised by the corporate world and CEIBS CDC maintains strong, positive relations with hundreds of recruiters. With proven academic excellence and managerial potential, our graduates are highly sought after by multinationals and leading Chinese companies. Each year, CEIBs attracts a large amount of job openings for our graduates. More details, please see Career Development Centre.

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