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Fudan University (simplified Chinese: 复旦大学; traditional Chinese: 復旦大學; pinyin: Fùdàn Dàxué), located in Shanghai, is one of the oldest and most selective universities in China, and is a member of the C9 League. Its institutional predecessor was founded in 1905, shortly before the end of China's imperial Qing dynasty.

Programme Intro

Tuition: Total Immersion:Full time/ Part time Scholarship:Y
Size of Enrollment:120 Course Language:English International Accrediation:English
Collaboration between Leading Universities
Fudan University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology are first-class universities in their respective countries. The IMBA Program is collaborated by the two distinguished institutions. Its teaching methods, facilities and curricula reflect the close cooperation between the two schools.

Internationalized Faculty
The faculty (30%-40% international faculty) of the IMBA program possess both rich academic background and extensive teaching experience in business education. Furthermore, students can experience lectures by professors from MIT Sloan, industry experts and enterprise executives, who bring cutting-edge ideas and real-world experiences into the classroom.

Quality Teaching and Curriculum
The curriculum of the IMBA program implements many advanced teaching methods. Curriculum design, teaching materials and cases are kept in pace of those in MIT Sloan. Students not only can gain knowledge from the courses, but also remold their ways of thinking to match business competition in future career.
11 Compulsory Courses provide students a solid foundation of management knowledge to address cross-functional challenges. Various Elective Courses and Corporate Practice Courses enable students to develop their interests in specific areas.

Rich Extracurricular Activities and Project-based Learning Programs
As full-time students, you can participate in various activities, including business competitions, clubs and social events, to enrich your learning and broaden your horizons! High-class Forums allow students to communicate frequently with world leading scholars and business leaders.
Abundant project-based learning programs (such as Fudan-MIT China-lab project, Fudan-Wharton GCP project, case development and simulations) provide students opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in an international environment.

Close Corporative Links
IMBA students have the opportunity to work in well-known national and international companies. Well-organized internships and consulting projects enable students to apply their academic knowledge to practical business problems. Some famous companies have established scholarships especially for excellent Fudan IMBA students, including Allard Partners and Emerson, and etc.

International Students Exchange Program
As one of the only two member schools of PIM Organization in China, the school opens about 80 exchange seats of over 30 renowned international business schools to the MBA students. Studying abroad can enhance cross-cultural communication skills and build up international exposure.

Strong Alumni Network
Full time study builds friendships among students, which will extend through the two-year program and beyond. This alumni network is a lifelong resource for Fudan IMBA Program participants.

Extensive Career Development Services 
The Fudan MBA Career Development Office, as the first of its kind in China, provides students with resources and professional services in career development and employment. Career services including career planning, career workshop, career consulting, etc. help students to better plan career path and enhance competitiveness for future career development.

Mixture of International and Chinese Features
The IMBA Program aims to cultivate effective Chinese managers, to introduce systematically modern management theory and methods, and to adapt students to the global as well as Chinese economy development. The Program’s practice-oriented management education approach mixes both international and Chinese features.

Admission Requirements

A bachelor degree or above from a recognized university;
At least three years of full-time work experience, post-graduate students are required at least 2 years of full-time work experience;
An acceptable GMAT score within the period of validity (International applicants).

Application Deadline

Application Calendar


Application Deadline


Decision Release


January 31


Mid April


March 31


Mid May


May 31


End of June

Required Materials



Letters of Reference:


Admission Fee:




The School of Management offers tuition scholarship in recognition on applicant’s outstanding achievement in GMAT examination.

The scholarships will be deducted in the second year tuition before September 1 beginning in second year of IMBA enrollment.


Scholarship Award Levels




1st place GMAT Scholarship winner

Have a valid GMAT score over 750.

100% Tuition

The scholarship will be deducted in the second year tuition.

2nd GMAT Scholarship winner

Have a valid GMAT score which ranked the top 1-5 among enrolled students with a GMAT score higher than 650.

50% Tuition

3rd GMAT Scholarship winner

Have a valid GMAT score which ranked the top 6-15 among enrolled students with a GMAT score higher than 650.

30% Tuition

Excellent GMAT Scholarship winner

Have a valid GMAT score of 700 or above.

Minimum RMB 20,000

Q & A

Students Service Center

Email: mba@mbachina.com

Tel: 400-600-9288

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